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Let’s Here it for the Boys

This post is linked up with “Let’s here it for the boys” over at I Heart Faces.

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Mama’s Bracelet

My daughter is playing with a bracelet she found in my jewelry box.  She was just sitting there watching the light reflect off of the beads.

I am so happy I got to sneak this shot in before she looked up and saw me.

The goosebump part for me is that bracelet was a party favor at her baby shower.  I used to use it to help me remember which side she nursed on, too.  Now she is digging through my jewelry box.

This is linked up for “Innocent Wonder” weekly challenge at I Heart Faces.

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My new lenses

Here are the shots with my macro lens attachment.

I shot these with the only lens I have a 35-135mm zoom lens.  I had a hard time getting the camera to auto focus, so I took some shots and then I took some shots on manual focus.

So here they are.  Don’t really judge the lens attachments on my inability to take a decent shot.  😛

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We were playing hide and seek and this was my daughter’s first tome to actually hide some place. She usually “hid” by sitting on the couch covering her eyes. I was so proud, I wanted to capture the moment in a picture. I am so glad I did. I caught her by surprise hiding under her crib.  Boy, I need to vacuum under there.

This post has been linked to I Heart Faces weekly challenge named “Surprise”.

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All About Babies

This is my submission for Week 24 “All About Babies” at I Heart Faces.

This is one of my friends’ daughter.  She is about 8 months old.  We were having a play date and I luckily brought my camera.  I just loved this shot.  She is looking up at her big brother and my son playing together.  I wish I knew what she was thinking.

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Fountain Play

I am linking this up to I Heart Faces Photo Challenge Week 23 called “Play”.

This picture was taken this weekend as my daughter played in a public fountain.  Yes, she was that child and I was the mom letting her while I captured cute pictures.  Sue me.

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